Parents Feedback

Here are some of the feedback our parents gave our setting.

"Our Daughter, Ornella, thrived at Plumstead Manor Nursery and was thoroughly happy in her time there. She participated in many activities and enjoyed playing and learning with the staff and children. Ornella particularly enjoyed the football and dance sessions. I was reassured and impressed by the genuine care and commitment of the management and staff. I highly recommend Plumstead Manor Nursery as a place where children develop in a warm, nurturing environment." - Ornella's dad - July 2020.

"Plumstead Manor nursery is a fantastic nursery.

My daughter Ada has been attending the nursery since she was two years old. The staff are very professional, caring and friendly and know what they’re doing. Great facilities, lovely location and dedicated staff. My daughter had a wonderful time. She developed a lot through play and activities at nursery. My husband and I are very happy and grateful to the staff for looking after our precious daughter so well. We will always choose this nursery over any other if we ever need one. We recommend it to you all." - Ada's mum - July 2020

"Every morning begins with "Mummy, will you take me to nursery today?" even if it isn't a nursery day!" - Livvy's Mum

"The nursery has always been very welcoming and friendly. I chose Plumstead Manor Nursery not for this reason but for the security in and out of the nursery that I didn't see with the others" - Sophia's Mum

"The picnic days and organised fundraising days are brilliant because they include the parents in them which not only lets us see our children learning and socialising with friends they have made...but also let us get to know each other as a community in which we have also made friends...I have four children and only two have attended this nursery and I have to say I rate it to be the best nursery my children have been to and I would gladly recommend it to any parent looking."- Liam and Lexi's Mum

"Over the past two and a half years, the warm, structured and secure environment you have provided for Ellie has enabled her to thrive. She has acquired the essential skills of self control, sociability and responsibility that will hold her in good stead for the rest of her life." - Ellie's Dad.

"We picked this nursery after many favourable recommendations from my sister and other members of the Jehovah's witness congregation. When Elijah started he was just over 2 years old and did not have much speech and had many meltdowns multiple times a day. Julie the manager and the nursery staff supported and advised us...since attending the nursery his speech is coming along and I am amazed that they have been able to get him to sit and listen for stories...His key worker, Sue, said something that stuck with me and really made me feel more positive about his speech daily. She said "We believe in stages not ages" and that has been an invaluable statement that has helped us to cope and remain positive"- Elijah's Mum.